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Quick Facts:

  • 152 Acres Certified site
  • Phase I, geotech, Archeological & Wetlands dileneation all complete
  • Over 100 Miles of operational rail, inside 19,000 acres.
  • 24/7 Security, Fire Dept, EMT Services
  • No Upfront Land acquisition costs - up to 50 Year land leases.


Fort Madison Pre-Certified Site

Quick Facts:

  • 123 Acres Pre-certified Site, Phase I and Phase II completed
  • Site sits between Henry Layden Drive and 270th Street and less than a 1/4 mile west of 4-lane US Hwy 61 with access to site via paved road. 
  • Burlington Northern-Santa Fe RR runs along its eastern border.  
  • Municipal airport in Fort Madison (11 miles) or in Keokuk (9 miles) for air cargo deliveries/shipments   
  • Barge terminal in Fort Madison (9 miles) and Keokuk (15 miles) with loading and off-loading capabilities.
  • Neighboring properties include ConAgra Foods (Pinnacle), Simens Gamasa and Gregory Manufacturing.  
  • Property is eligible for New Market Tax Credits and annexation for Urban Renewal Area, High Quality Job tax credits and Targeted Jobs Withholding Program.


Certified Sites