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Featured Sites

Fort Madison Industrial Site

US Hwy 61 South, Fort Madison, IA 52627

Burlington Raider Site

205 N Gear Avenue, West Burlington, IA 52655

Commerce Center of SE Iowa - Middletown Certified by BNSF & Iowa Economic Development Authority

Hwy 34 Middletown, Middletown, IA 52638

Mount Pleasant Crossroads Industrial Park

300 Block North Iris Street, Mount Pleasant, IA 52641

Keokuk Kindustry Park

2700 Kindustry Park Rd., Keokuk, IA 52632

Regional Workforce Talent

Regional Workforce Talent

Estimated population between ages 18-24 for SE Iowa Region is 332,613 with the total potential labor force being 266,475 individuals. The largest concentration of workers are employed within the office and administrative support; production; or management; occupational categories. The top industries are manufacturing; education; healthcare/social services; and wholesale & retail trade.

Regional Transportation and Infrastructure

Regional Transportation and Infrastructure

One reason you will find so many Fortune 500 companies in Southeast Iowa is due to the unique convergence of multiple high capacity transportation systems all in one area. The option to ship raw materials and finished products by barge, rail, or truck in such a relatively small geographic area is a rare asset. Southeast Iowa is home to the intersection of the Mississippi river and the main BNSF east-west route, and our 4-lane highway systems in every direction put 40 million customers within 300 miles or four and half hours of drive time.

SE Iowa Counties

SE Iowa Region is comprised of four distinct counties, Des Moines, Lee, Henry and Louisa.  Each county brings its own uniqueness however when it comes to what’s best for potential and existing businesses, we have a unified approach.

Des Moines County

Lee County

Henry County

Louisa County